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A Hogwarts roleplay that takes place in three time zones. The days of the first great wizard war, the second, and a new era where a new Dark Lord has risen to take their stance beside the late Volemort.
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 Ballroom [Mauraders]

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PostSubject: Ballroom [Mauraders]   Sat Oct 02, 2010 8:48 am

This room has been enchanted with floating candles and orbs full of glittering confetti. Dancing mistletoe will choose it's victims at random and if your caught under it, even if it's with someone you never meant to be standing by, the pixies that live within it wont let you go until you kiss! Be careful who you stand by this night where the pixies have a strange power over your every move, enchanting you into happiness and perhaps madness if your not careful. The snow falls from the sky through the ceiling but never touches you by the time it reaches the floor for it turns into soft nothingness.
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PostSubject: Re: Ballroom [Mauraders]   Sun Dec 05, 2010 5:56 pm

Remus groaned slightly, not really noticing the girls that did eyes him. What was WRONG with them? That's what he wanted to know. He was in no shape to 'toy' with anyone... "But I-" Nope, fail. Sirius cut his words off again and Remus was dragged away.

James walked into the ballroom looking around. "Alright then," he said more to himself than anyone else. Sirius was always the one finding them girls and then James and he could round them up together with their many little tricks. "So who will it be tonight, my friends?" he asked, looking around. "Perk up Remus, you look like someone's been pissing in your marmalade." He slapped his friend on the back, smirking.

Remus grumbled and waited for these two dunderheads to decide his fate for the night. Of course if a girl was interested Remus wouldn't turn her away, but he rarely found one that he could connect with. Oh well, might as well enjoy the night. He stood straighter and simply waited. He knew Sirius would find someone he wanted to see Lupin with soon enough and he found there was no use arguing.
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Ballroom [Mauraders]
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