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A Hogwarts roleplay that takes place in three time zones. The days of the first great wizard war, the second, and a new era where a new Dark Lord has risen to take their stance beside the late Volemort.
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 Dinning Hall [H.P. Era]

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PostSubject: Re: Dinning Hall [H.P. Era]   Mon Oct 18, 2010 9:15 pm

Angelina took some deep breaths and closed her eyes as she thought it over. Continue this horrible teasing or going back to being normal friends. Bloody that was just one extreme or another. She knew for a fact, however, that if she said they should just go back to the ball the guys wouldn't come around as much as she wanted. They'd feel bad or awkward after this and she didn't want that. She wanted...this. Her eyes opened and she looked at both of them in once gaze. "...lets go..." she finally said as a slight smile crossed her lips. Her neck was tingling from their teasing and her lips weren't much better.
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PostSubject: Re: Dinning Hall [H.P. Era]   Wed Oct 20, 2010 12:00 pm

George smiled and stood, his hand slipping from her thigh. He offered her a hand, just as Fred did the same from her other side, and once she stood he wrapped and arm loosely around her waist, the same way they'd come into the dining hall.

Fred stood as well, offering her his hand as well as his brother. He too slipped his arm around her waist as before, and together the twins moved from the table. Fred parted from them, slipping out to cause a distraction so they could leave together. He moved quickly to the center of the dance floor and began break dancing in the middle of it. He spun on his knees, pushed himself up on his hands, and spun on his head. While everyone's attention was on them, the other two had a chance to get out of the castle.

Geroge stayed inside the hall, peeking out a little. Once he saw there was a straight shot to the door, he turned and smiled at her. "C'mon," he said quietly, grabbing her hand. He pulled her quickly but carefully through the Hall, and out into the Entrance Hall, where he let go of her hand in case anyone was out there. He saw the coast was clear and opened the doors for her to leave first. He slipped out behind her. "Oh shit," he mumbled, seeing the tail of Snape's coat while he peeked around for couple to break up. He said nothing, but he saw her frozen look and pulled her behind a shrub. They crouched and he put a finger to her lips. "Shh," he said gently. He let his finger roll over her bottom lip as he brought his hand back down and waited for Snape to leave.

Fred finally left the dancefloor, turning down many offers to dance and lots of requests for an encore. He just chuckled, dropped a peruvian escape powder rock, and slipped away. he was in the Entrance hall in no time, slipping out the door. "Evenin' Severus," he said with a sly smirk. He figured George and Angelina had already gotten away, so he didn't even look for them. "There seems to be something going on in there..." he said, motioning behind him. On his way out Fred had left a portable swampo that was beginning to grow, just inside the door. Noone could get in or out and Fred knew Snape could get rid of it, even if it would take him fifteen minutes or so. As Snape moved to go inside Fred smirked. "See, everyone loves our products," he said happily, patting the man on the back and walking off toward the end of the grounds.

George finally sighed when the hate professor made his way inside and disappeared. They bolted from the bush, catching up with Fred. "Ready?" he asked her, wrapping an arm around her. He spun on the spot, his twin doing the same besdie him, and with two loud POP's, they all disapparated.
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PostSubject: Re: Dinning Hall [H.P. Era]   Wed Oct 20, 2010 3:08 pm

Angelina took their hands and spun from her chair before their arms were on her waist again and, as before, she didn't feel weird. That in itself was weird though.... When Fred slipped away she couldn't help but start to laugh under her breath, shaking her head a bit at the simple foolishness. It wasn't until Snape came into view that she silenced. When they were hiding she slipped slightly and the hem of her gold dress shimmered in the light of the door as her hands wrapped around George's neck to keep her from falling any more. As soon as Snape passed she took a deep breath before sneaking off with the two.

Severus narrowed his eyes. "I'll mind you, Mister Weasley, to stay off the grounds! Your no longer a student and should stay away. You and your products." As he walked back toward the castle Snape brushed off the back of his cloak. He was about to enter when he saw the slip of gold from Angelina's dress. Hearing the screams from inside he scoffed and hurried away.
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PostSubject: Re: Dinning Hall [H.P. Era]   

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Dinning Hall [H.P. Era]
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