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 Character Stories

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PostSubject: Character Stories   Fri Sep 24, 2010 5:51 pm

Ever mention a memory your character has in the role play that you really get to thinking about? Or maybe you think about how the story would go if you controlled someone else's character(s)? Well, here you can write a story, using your characters and others characters, to create your character's version of a memory, or just write a short story about them. It is not something for us to reference to, it's just your rendition of what happened, or of wha you want to happen. Have fun =]

This is for short stories, poems, and songs.
You control your characters, others' characters, and the whole shebang. It's a story, not a role play.
Yes, in this section if you want to kill someone else's character or your own, you may.
Any questions? Just ask [in OOC mode of course. =)]]
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PostSubject: Re: Character Stories   Fri Sep 24, 2010 5:57 pm

~Praxis Clementine~

Sitting on one of the high up trees hidden deep in the amazon, Praxis was half asleep and drifting quickly. It has halfway into fall back in Britain but she refused to return to Hogwarts this year. It was her sixth and she was done with the foolishness. Not having a home to return to, for her mother was dead and her father in Azkaban for killing her, she figured she belonged here in the Amazon with her fellow freaks. She saw herself a horrible mutation that wouldn't be accepted in either world while the other harpies saw her blessed with the ability to change between human and harpy. It was a strange blessing if so.

It was nearly night so the forest was silent for the time being. All day had been loud with the cries of harpies and their fighting with one another and other creatures but the silence now was eerie and far too thick. None the less, Praxis couldn't help but drift as her thoughts brought her back to Hogwarts. She had been in the Amazon since the last summer and that meant she had been running and fighting the Harpies all that time as well. Even if she'd never admit it, she missed Hogwarts and the students. She missed annoying them and scaring some of them with her tricks but that was over now. Andrew would have been off pulling those pranks without her and using all the females he could get his hands on, she knew that well enough. The Scamander Twins would be bickering and pulling pranks day and night as they entertained themselves and others with stories and games. Praxis was just an extra wheel, neither groups cared if she was around. She was sure of it. Sighing, she finally fell asleep with a single purple colored tear dripping down her cheek.

As that tear fell from her skin to the forest floor below it hit the back of a hunter's hand. The man, a wizard looking for harpies to sell not only as slaves but to pluck and get their feathers for enchantments, smirked at the purplish drop and looked up. He quickly saw the large bush of Praxis' hair against the tree. A grin like never before crossed his lips and he started to silently set up his equipment. Enchanting the area around so she couldn't fly away, he used his broom to fly up to her himself. A shock beheld him when he saw her looking nearly human. The only thing that kept him there were the feathers that had begun to form just before her hairline, pushing it back so that she didn't have to keep her hair pinned down. Smirking, he found an even better prize than he first thought. A half breed was a rare find and they sold for top dollar on the slave market--for yes even after all these years there were still wealthy families that loved rare animals for entertainment or slavery.

Praxis was in a deep sleep as she, like she did every night, fought back her harpy self from waking up. As the man appeared beside her, stepping off his broom to stand over her on the branch, she didn't notice him at all. Her arms wrapped around her body, mostly bare besides her chest covered by a simple twisted cloth and a longer cloth tied around her waist making her look like an Amazonian. The man said a spell under his breath and chains shot out of his wand, wrapping around her arms, legs and waist. A shock of electricity went through them and hit her skin, instantly waking her up as she screamed out.

Eyes wide and heart racing, she looked around until she noticed the man that stood before her. Struggling with the chains, she cried out again but this time in a harpy like screech. It wasn't a call for help but one of warning. Nor was it for the other harpies but for Praxis' pet, Nyssa, another mutation like herself. The other harpies heard it, however, and they were soon after seen to be flying away, Nyssa with them.

"Damn girl, all my catch is gone...least I got ye'. You'll be paying me back with ye self!" He growled at her as he pulled the chains and forced her to kneel on the branch before him. She spat at him and he yelled out in rage, slapping her across the face with a heavily ringed hand, cutting into her cheek and letting the purple hued blood drip from her flesh. She cried out and growled at him, struggling her best to fight the chains and attack the man, but he sent another currant of electricity through the magical metal and she arched her back as a cry whispered through her lips. Soon after she slipped out of consciousness and fell victim to the man.

It was a few hours later, near day break now, before Praxis finally let her eyes flutter open. Her sight beheld a small camp ground with the only other moving thing being the smoke from a dying fire. Trying to move, Praxis found she was still chained forcefully only now she was standing upon the ground with her arms up and to either side along with her legs slightly spreed and her waist and neck lifted by collars so that she wasn't touching the floor beside perhaps with her toes. A slight breeze told her something that made her eyes, now a deeper magenta color with pointed slits as pupils similar to a birds gaze, widen. She was completely exposed. The pieces of cloth worn for clothing were gone and her body, both upper and lower, were so completely exposed that, though she could only bend her head slightly due to the collar, she could see the truth herself. Horrible thoughts suddenly appeared before her mind, making her ask questions that she knew there were no answers for, or at least no answers that she'd get. Who was that man? What did he do to her as she was passed out? Where was she? How did she get there and what happened to her cloths?! So deep in thought, Praxis never even noticed the snapping of a twig behind her.

The man, the cursed hunter, appeared and grabbed Praxis' attention by putting his hand on her lower back, smearing blood that had thickened as it pooled there. It was then she felt the burning cuts on her flesh. They weren't just on her back, no they were on her legs and arms, even her upper torso. Either she had woken once before and was whipped repeatedly, or he had taken some sick pride in doing it as she laid passed out and at his disposal. Which had happened she'd never know. For the time being she was busy trying to get free. Pulling at the chains, making the straps that held tightly to her flesh dig into them harder and cut her open more, she tried to get away from that one hand. The man walked around until she could see him, or more importantly so he could she her. Letting his fingers trail against her skin, over her hip and onto her lower stomach, he kept a smirk on his dark face. "About time you woke up you bloody wretch! I'll not have you dying and getting rid of my prophet!" The back of his hand slashed across her cheek and her head popped to the side. She whimpered but otherwise made no sound of being hurt or harmed in any way. His hand, now dripping down her body and to the juncture of her legs, stopped and he smirked. "Ye' know girl...I never git to treat me' self.... maybe I'll treat meh self to you before I go selling you to may employer..."

She spat at him again and refused to believe this was real. He didn't care and all that made him do was pull out his wand and flick it. The lightning shot through her hallowed bones again and she screamed out in a both human and harpy way. If she had been just human or just harpy she'd have been dead by the force of that volt. Unlucky for her, that meant she had to go over what happened next.

No matter what she did he could do whatever he wished to her and no matter how much she fought, he did just what he wanted. Worst of all, he knew just how to control those chains and that currant so she would be in to much pain to fight but not enough to pass out again. Two hours of torment lasted for what seemed like days, weeks. He used her, tore her open and let her blood pool on the ground. She was scared so intently that her wings were pinned to her back from the wounds over her tattoo that bound them. Freedom was either coming in death or in the silence and numb feeling of passing out. As this all happened she never once screamed again or cried. Her mind went to anything else that it could as she made only soft whimpers and sobs when the pain was to much for even she to ignore. Eventually that sweet solitude came for her and she passed out. It was two hours of torment, an hour of whipping and getting sliced into to check her blood for the trading, and then another hour of torment that she would forever try to block from her mind. Her body still ached from the thought of what happened in that forest with the man.

~Time Skip~

When next she awoke Praxis found herself locked in a basement that was build to cobbles. She was still bound in chains and, sadly, she was still barren of clothing. The main difference now were the voices. Two of them, two men, both males she knew. One she knew...well now she knew both of them quite intimately. Her head hurt as if she had been struck repeatedly and, without a doubt, she had. Forcing it to rise from it's slumped way, she looked up and let her sight trail the shadows of the men she now would fear the rest of her life. One of them was that horrible hunter with his hand out as a small bag of gold was dropped into his palm. The other was someone she never thought she'd see again after near thirteen years; Elder Higgins, Andrew's father.

Elder Higgins, earlier stated as Andrew's father, pat the shoulder of the hunter and spoke to him in hush tones. Choice words echoed back, bouncing off the cobbles around, and straight to Praxis' straining ears. "...took her....wont be the last.... she's uh prize mastuh.....warm the ice....die from it...." What exactly they were talking about she didn't want to know. One of two things was happening here.

One, Elder Higgins, known also as Jacques to those who knew his opinions which were outspoken in France years ago, had found she was captured and bought her to free her if only for Andrew's sake. Second, Jacques was the hunter's, who was beginning to seem as if he had vampiric relations with the Higgins family, employer for they were both in good council. If that was the case then he had been told to bring Praxis back here and for some sort of vile reason no doubt. Of the two, the ladder held more chances and she quickly pushed the former from her mind. Now she noticed footsteps, two pairs going in different directions, and figured one of the men had left. Casting her eyes up again she noticed it was Jacques, also known by his birth right of Sydney, who remained behind. The man, all the more elder now that time had passed some odd thirteen years but barely seeming to age at all thanks to his vampiric blood, walked up to her and stopped at the wayward cell door which was her escape if she could free herself. His eyes scanned her exposed flesh with a hungry gaze and with that all hope of freedom died within her.

Sydney had no will to free her. On the contrary he admired her form and had grown tired of the slowly aging body of his mate. He was a disturbed man and his wife, Andrew's mother and a woman by the name of Teresa, was a cruel woman who wanted nothing to do with him. As he had done now to Praxis, Jacques had captured Teresa at a young age, for he was near twenty her senior though none would know that looking at him, and forced her to be his bride and bear his heir for no other woman before him could. All his other children and their mothers were dead though for he cared nothing of them. When he didn't need someone they disappeared at his fangs and no one dared ask a thing about it. Praxis was his newest toy.

"We'll look who 'tis be. The whore of a bird my son found!" He slapped her across the face and she let her head snap to the side, her lips dripping with blood for she bit her cheek in the motion. Panting slightly, she looked back at him and a few drops of blood slipped over her lip and down to her chin. Jacques licked his lips and moved closer. His fangs were erect and his eyes were shinning with two kinds of sinful hungers. One for her body, the other for her vital fluids. Taking her chin ruffly into her hand, he held her strong enough that she couldn't pull away no matter how she tried--and oh did she try. Lowing his head down, the perverted man licked the trickling blood off her flesh and a shuddering groan escaped him. "If nothing else me'boy has a perfection in taste..." He said as if he spoke of wine rather than the blood he continued licking up against her skin.

She shuddered, not knowing what to do. How could she ever face Andrew again?! Not only was it his father but it was in his very house that this happened. Closing her eyes and praying this all some twisted perverse nightmare, Praxis was shot with a memory. Andrew, sitting in this very room, crying as his father put the Crucio curse on him. Tears dripped down her cheek not for the pain she felt but for the realization that things had to have gotten worse for Andrew after that and now, now this was what she felt in the same room as his pain. This room held far to many secrets for it to remain standing forever.

Though it was useless, Praxis continued to fight against Sydney for as long as she could. In this pointless battle, where she being chained gave him more than just an advantage, she received scars she'd carry to the present day. Jacques had a sick liking for her blood in and her attempts at silent screams. He, using pointed nails or small leather whips, would cut into her and watch her blood fall for a moment before he licked it up slowly and relished in the disgust she felt. For the remained her of life up until present she'd never feel right in her skin. He did this, whipping and cutting into her, all across her body until his claw like nails trailed over her hips and curled to her inner thighs, spreading her legs slightly and making fresh tears drip down her tightly shut eyes. He licked the acid looking tears and laughed in a dark and sickly twisted way. "Shut up you whore...I'll make you regret ever meeting my sun and putting in his mind your kind!"

That was when he too did what the hunter had before him. Her innocence, which secretly that was the only innocence she had kept though most thought she didn't, was stolen in a game to teach her not to trust any ever again and she learned it well in that day alone. It lasted for nearly five hours straight of his torment, starting from his first entrance till the moment he locked the cell and shut her in the darkness. He did worse than the hunter had in his endeavors for when he was done, though there was no lingering blood--which made it all the worse-- there were mental and physical scars, bruises and sickly burns across her skin.

It was late November when she arrived at the Higgins Manor in the thick forests of southern Britain. She remained there for a month and a half to the letter. We shall speak of that when the time comes, however. For now we share the stories of what happened over those days, weeks, and month. Sydney Higgins would visit Praxis every day near midnight for his feast of her fluids and flesh. He never once bit her for she was not good enough for that. During the times of his visits he would stay for a minimum of two hours and a maximum of seven. The weekends were normally the shortest of the times for this was when Teresa returned home for the longest.

Teresa had no idea Praxis was there until the month had nearly passed and she heard the weeping and sobbing that echoed off the cobbles when she passed the cellar door. Venturing down she found the harpy, tied and bound with a gag in her mouth and a dried stain of blood below her. Through fear of her husband the woman never released Praxis but, through a pity unknown to be within the woman before, she would feed and help Praxis in other ways when she could. It would be this silent bond that the two females sadly now shared thanks to Jacques that would eventually save her. Little did Praxis know that winter break at Hogwarts had finally come to be. In the Amozon fall never came and here she saw nothing of the outside world for it could have still been September for all she knew. During the first part of the break Praxis saw little of Teresa and thought her savior dead to her. The visits from Sydney increased if nothing more and he seemed to get a sick thrill from using her and harming her while his son slept weary of his own abuse above. She was never heard, however, and rarely cried or made a noise any more.

One day, on the last day of break before Andrew was to return to school, Teresa appeared in the basement with a plain black dress. She unchained Praxis in a hurry and dressed her. The poor girl was in a daze and didn't notice a thing until they started for the cell. her eyes widened and she realize what was going on. "W-what..."

"Andrew leaves in the morn, if you don't go with him you'll be worse off than I." Teresa said in a heavy Swedish accent as she tried to help Praxis onto her feet. "Hurry now you lard! We must go before he returns!" She cried and Praxis did her best to stand and walk. She was so weak and had lost so much blood in the past weeks that she could barely breath let alone stand but she did so for Teresa. Praxis knew very well what was going to happen when it was found that Teresa had freed her and she thanked and loved the woman for her sacrifice. The love did not save them, however, for as they rose from the cellar and into the house both stepped into the room, willing to sneak away and leave so that Praxis could escape in the business of packing Andrew's things, Sydney appeared and grabbed his wife.

"You whetch!"

"Run girl!" Praxis, in a panic, started to run as fast as she could from Sydney. She went down the paths she could remember from her childhood and toward the front door. Someone blocked her way, however, and she couldn't stop in time to move out of the way, and they didn't seem to notice her yet, so the two fell into each other and collapsed on the floor. Praxis, weak and trembling with fear, looked up to see the one person she didn't want to see yet but couldn't help but be happy to see at all.

"Praxis?" Andrew asked in a confused voice.

"Praxis?" Andrew stood before her, after the two had scrambled to their feet, and she refused to look at her. Taking her shoulders under his grasp, the young vampire shook her slightly. "Hello, anyone in that big hair of yours?" He asked with his sly smirk, not thinking anything of it. If there was nothing else in his mind, the one thing that was poised a question. What was she doing in his house? She was asking herself the same thing. She tried to run out of his grasp but he held her there. Sydney and Teresa, she being forced by her twisted arm behind her back and out of Andrew's view, walked into the room where the two teenagers stood and watched them both. Teresa was begging Praxis to get out quickly, that moment if possible, but they both knew it wasn't going to be that simple.

Praxis turned to look at Teresa and caught Sydney's eye. He gave her a look that told her very simply; if she didn't keep her mouth shut she wasn't going to be the only hurt. The man's eyes flashed over Teresa and Andrew before they looked back at Praxis, making her tremble slightly as she pushed away from Andrew. "Yeah me." She said with a shaking voice before composing herself and turning to Andrew. She had to force herself to stand straight but knew she could escape soon.

"Good, so what the hell are you doing here?" Andrew said with a slight smirk. He kept his eyes on Praxis and his back to his parents as he went on ignorantly bliss. Praxis, however, kept her eyes on both Andrew and his father from over the young vampire's shoulder.

"Passing through and thought I'd stop by...I should be going though, a friend is waiting for me...." It was then that she wondered about Nyssa. What had the harpy done since Praxis was gone? Did she survive, get captured as well, or perhaps killed by the others? Her thoughts were torn from her by the next question.

"Your coming back to Hogwarts right?"

"What? No."

"You have to!" Andrew grabbed her arm tightly, making her flinch. "I'll force you to." A dark smile crossed Sydney's face as he saw his son being as forceful as he himself had been. Praxis saw that smile saw what it meant, and pulled away from Andrew, inching toward the door.

"I can't, I missed half the year theres no point." She said in a low whisper.

"You'll catch up, your one of the smartest in Slytherin. You have to come back!" This argument went on for a while until finally Praxis was at the door, her back forced against the wood, and Andrew stood in front of her. "You have to Praxis Clementine."

Looking up at him, Praxis saw she was never going to get away from him or his family unless she did just what she wanted to do and went to Hogwarts. So why was it so hard? Because Sydney had the right to be at Hogwarts whenever he wanted, because he could have been a teacher if he wanted. "Fine! Bloody fine I'll see you there but I must go and tell the others I'm leaving." With that they said their goodbyes and she finally was able to slip away. She had a drug in her that kept her from transforming into her harpy self but other than that she was back to normal and free. Once she was far enough away, Praxis collapsed in a forest and passed out. She awoke two days later and forced herself up. Nyssa was there, it seemed the bird had been watching the area for a while, with Praxis' wand and cloths. Getting dressed, Praxis held true to her words. She flew on Nyssa's back all the way to Hogwarts.

A month later Praxis got a note as she sat by the lake on a Saturday, just relaxing for a while. It was from Sidney. That note is still to this day always on her person as a reminder of what happened and of a warning where never to go.

My wife and son might have saved you from me but that wont last long. If you come near our family again, and this includes my son, I'll have you back in that cell where he was so often beaten. You took his spot and now that your gone I'll go after him again and worse. You've sealed not only the fate of madam Teresa but of Andrew as well. If you tell a soul what happened here I'll make sure every feather is plucked from your pretty little figure. You'll wish for death and I'll never give you sniveling wretch.
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PostSubject: Re: Character Stories   Mon Sep 27, 2010 10:28 am

~Praxis Clementine~
History of the Harpy and the Wizard

Praxis Clementine was born o a green harpy-for in the race of harpies colours gave special abilities and created ranks within the society- and to a handsome young wizard. To know her history one must first know theirs. Aldora Floros had never left her homeland, which in reality was quite odd in area because the flock had migrated to an amazon-like are in Greece. This would later become important for many reasons. As stated earlier Aldora was a green harpy born with the feathers tinted gold at her crown, she was destined for great things.

Many believe the harpies are just female. This is very false. Harpies are a single gender species- males. What once use to happen during matting seasons was that two single gender species would join and depending on the gender of the birth they would either live with one or the other. The two were unable to to mingle races so there were never cross breeds. This being so, and since the two races only were near each other during this time of the year, there were never long lasting relationships, or any relationships at all. It was purely done to sustain the races. This changed, slightly, when a small group of males migrated--most likely due to being banished for some reason. The group began to believe there would no way to keep up their face through he migration because there were no other single gender female races they knew of. Following history a few millenia earlier, we find the Greeks starting to mention a creature they called 'Siren'.

Sirens seemed to be beautiful, though this is mainly for one to preserve in their vision due to the fact that accounts change and we don't know their true form, female creatures with fins like fish though not to the extent of a mermaid or merrow. These fins are only on the sides of their legs and arms so the rest of their bodies are seem like a human females beside the scales that covered parts of their bodies--mainly their breasts and pelvic area- and their nails curved like claws or talons. Not only were Sirens said to be musical creatures, singing to seduce their victims, but they were also a single gender species-female. Because they have long lives the sirens never worried about mating and simply pleased themselves with their captured victims, whom they took the life force from. It was not until one of their eldest died hat they began to wonder how they would continue the race. Mixing with humans never worked, nor those of the mer or merrows could impregnate the siren women. It was not until nearly ten centuries later when the sirens were near extinction that the migrating harpies-remembered as males only--appeared in the hidden valley between mountains in Greece.

The two species met by chance along a river that lead through a mountain area covered with a hidden forest. From here the river lead to the ocean. The first siren to meet he harpies was a young woman-really centuries old but one of the youngest of the remaining sirens- who liked to play with the fishermen along the rivers by the villages. In order to get to those rivers and streams she had to enter the largest river and on this particular day she found a path that had been hidden by a thicket of bushes, trees, and other plants. Little did she know a new kind of fishermen would await her down this small river. This siren was named Tulia and she became Aldora's mother. Thus we return to the continuation of Aldora Floros' story.

She was born two years later and the first of her kind. Before her the mating and birth from these encounters were much the same as in the past to the harpy males. Born males were harpies; females were sirens. She was born as both. Some would say she would have been treated as a freak among them, a mutation, but she was treated much differently. Covered in flesh, scales and feathers, Aldora became a beauty among them.

As stated earlier, harpy class was dependent on colour of feathers so even if one was born to a poor family they could become a noble. The colour system was as fallows; dark brown was the lowest in the species, normally the slaves. Then came the tan brown, who were mainly harvesters or hunters. After them were the auburn who were those of trades-like carpeting, creating items, blacksmiths, etcetera- after these were the noble colors. Light blue, normally mixed with browns, were religious leaders and high nobles. Green, usually striking emerald colours, were the next powerful and normally warriors and held great power over the people of the society. If there was no leader those born of green feathers would create a council and make decisions themselves. The most powerful, feared, and ferocious-also unknown- colour of the race is purple. That comes into importance later, for now we shall focus on Aldora's growth.

When Aldora was born they had never seen one like her, and since there are still only a few but enough to create their own race and habitat. So many questioned her existence that she would be visited by both harpies and sirens from all over Greece come to witness the odd creature. She had beautiful large green feathers in her hair and few other areas, along with a phoenix like tail. Where the feathers met her body the skin sparkled with scales of golden tints. Her skin, unlike her harpy kin, was pale and her body-as she grew- became as sensual and seemingly beautiful as the sirens. Some even said she could rival them. The men of blue feathers, of which there were only three and two of them were rather young, believed she to be a heavenly sent creature. A small religion began from this belief and it was designed around her. Due to this she grew up very spoiled and was given everything she wanted. Her opinion, even as a young girl, ruled many of the harpies and sirens. It wasn't until she laid eyes on humans that she found the one thing she couldn't have.

[[Hope you guys liked it so far, if you wan me to continue then you'll meet Praxis' father next!]]
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PostSubject: Re: Character Stories   Tue Sep 28, 2010 9:16 am


One Shot: Roxanne Weasley and Scorpius Malfoy
For -NIC

Roxanne Weasley, a young girl who takes after her mother more than her large family and who's crazy brother has done little -or so we all thought-to corrupt her, sat in the great hall with her head on the table. She was bored, alone, and sick of it. Winter break, 2021, things got strangely different. A familiar voice caught her attention and she peaked up to see Scorpius walking with his little gang of friends talking, leading them to the castle entrance.

"Yes, mum said something about the trip being canceled. I figured I'd stay but here you are leaving! Suppose I'll have to entertain myself for a while." The groups laughed and there were some calls of things like 'don't do anything I wouldn't do' which just made everyone's laugh howl out inhumanly. Roxanne didn't know what got into her or why she did it, sure she always had a crush over the sixth year Ravenclaw but that didn't mean she'd ever be this bold. It was something Fred normally yelled at her for. She got up and followed Scorpius out of the castle.

He had just said he wasn't going away so where the bloody hell was she following him to? She didn't find out for nearly a half hour, a half hour she figured she was hiding pretty well behind them, when Scorpius slipped into Hog's Head. She entered and imitatively wished she hadn't. There were odd men looking at her with eyes.. oh those eyes, they were hungry! For what she didn't want to find out and was pulled from it soon after. Just as she passed one of the last tables a hand shot out and grabbed her arm, pulling her into the shadows of the nook under the stairs, before slamming her against the wall and holding her wrists against it. She was about to scream when she realized that wasn't going to help her here.

Once her eyes adjusted to the light she realized it wasn't some odd man that was pinning her against the foul smelling cracked wall, it was Scorpius. "W-what are you doing..." She whimpered slightly at the strength he was showing her in the fact that there were going to be some big bruises on her wrists after this. He looked her over, nearly with those same hungry eyes, before pulling her into the booth around the table she had just passed. Sliding in next to her, trapping her against the wall, he called for two firewhiskeys. One was slid over to her, the other he started to drink.

"If your going to follow someone you better learn how to sneak around." Roxanne blushed horribly as he spoke. Her mouth was dry just being this close to the blond boy, she wanted to jump up and leave and yet her body refused to let her. Instead she took the drink in front of her and started to guzzle it down. The two didn't talk, they didn't look at each other--not directly at least-- and they drank. Something Roxanne didn't realize is that Firewhiskey can have an effect on you. Hell, maybe Scorpius didn't know it either, who knew how often he drank it. Either way the two slowly got tipsy.

When they finally silently agreed to leave it was late at night and the snow outside was ice. It had picked up, the snow storm that day, and turned into a blizzard that destroyed anything beyond the pub. Most of the people were gone besides a few who were sneaking upstairs to the rooms there. The bartender smirked, he was an older man now but he had humor still, and tossed Scorpius something. The two, tipsy as could be, started up the stairs thinking they were leaving for the castle. When they got to a door they tried it and the nob didn't work. "Need a password..." He mumbled before pulling the key from his pocket and sliding it into the door, which welcomed them before absorbing the key and letting them in. When they entered lights went on and the door shut.

The room wasn't to bad, just a bit dusty and small. There was one bed, just big enough for the two of them, a desk and two chairs. It was rather like a muggle hotel, if either of them knew what that looked like. Neither fully comprehended what was going on as they shut off the lights and climbed into bed, tired and dizzy from the continuous drinks. They both slept for a few hours until the quiet was disturbed.

Whether he was awake or asleep neither could answer afterwards. Scorpius had moved under his covers to force Roxanne onto her back as he traced her body with his fingers. She stirred just slightly but thought herself in another one of her dreams; her fantasies. Moving her body closer to him, she made a soft sound and smiled at the feeling of his touches. If that's what made him go on or not who knows but after that soft sound he moved so he was on top of her, straddling her hips, with his hands moving over her body.

There was nothing tender or kind in the act. It was about drunken lust and want. The two were locked in a passionate kiss as Scorpius started to pull her cloths from her body. Thats the only time the kiss was separated, when her shirt went over her head and his was pulled over his own. Then his hands roamed her warm, dark skin as their lips molded again. It was anything but perfect, anything but her dreams, but it was happening.

They didn't waste time. Her hands were roaming his bare chest, a gentle moan coming from her mouth, and she was headed for the belt of his pants. His hands were already on her pants, pulling them down and off her body. Not wanting to wait and let her undress him, Scorpius rose off her her and pulled down his pants. Roxanne, who had by now sat back up, reached out and let her hand trail over his chest and move to the line of his boxers. Without thinking--was any of this done with thinking?-- she pulled down his boxers and looked over him. He himself was examining her body. Her breasts were in soft swells against her bra, her panties black against her dark skin and it made her look perfect.

What she did next was something even he didn't expect but Scorpius didn't mind in the least. Her hand moved to his member, grabbing it at the base, and slowly started to move over it. As she moved, squeezing it with her fingers a little tighter each time, he watched her. Now she had that hunger in her eyes, not the men, and Scorpius was just as hungry. She leaned forward as he made a sound against the movement of her hand. Her lips parted and she took the head into his mouth, letting her tongue flick against it slowly. He jumped a bit, making another dark sound in the back of his throat.

Her hand kept moving against his penis as her mouth slowly took more of him in. Then she began to suck. It was slow but strong pulls that made her close her eyes as she did so. He wasn't keeping himself in check any more as he made another one of those sounds at the two hit combo of her mouth hand. Letting his fingers tangle in her hair, he held her in place and started to thrust against her hand and mouth. A moan came from her, vibrating against him and making a grunting noise come from between his lips, which was more than enough to make him start thrusting against her a little harder. His other hand moved down her body and to the line of her panties. He leaned forward, pushing her back slightly, as she continued to suck.

His fingers moved under her panties, sliding to the lips of her flower. She was already dripping for him and it made a groan escape his throat. She shivered under his touch as one finger made no haste to start rubbing against her clit. She bowed off the bed, arching her back and pulling on his penis hard in her mouth, her hands tightening slightly. He groaned and moved so two of his fingers could slide inside of her, his thumb rubbing against her clit as he did so. She was tight, a virgin he bet, and his two fingers didn't slide in easy but that didn't change anything. She continued her sucking and moving against his penis as fast as she could now. Every time he made her moan he'd go faster.

Her body was quivering under his by now and she just kept moving against him in hard pulls of her mouth and harder squeezes of her hand. He finally couldn't take it and pulled her hair, forcing himself out of her mouth and tossing her back onto the bed. A soft, lustful giggle came from her mouth as he moved to hover over her. He moved his mouth down her body and wanted to torment her just like she had him. He wanted to taste her. Ripping off her panties, he pressed his hand to her burning flower and groaned at the wet feeling. She tilted her head back and took a handful of the sheet from around her, guessing she'd need it.

Without waiting for her okay or for any more teasing time, he lifted her legs and put them on his shoulders as his mouth covered her hot core. He licked her lips right up to her core, which made her bow of the bed again, before he started to suck on that little sensitive nub. His fingers started to enter her again, two that were very painful but strong and damn fast. He fucked her with those two fingers, going fast and hard and showing her just what was to come. Eventually he made her scream out in a moan and tremble like she was going to release for him but he pulled away and hushed her. No; she couldn't cum for him yet, not until he was ready.

Moving over her, Scorpius seethed himself in her body. She screamed in a mix of pleasure and pain as her hymen had no warning before being ripped apart. His thrusts were fast, wild and erotic as his hips moved against his hard. She started to tilt her hips up, ignoring the pain, and began to grind against him. It was perfect. Her dream came true. This was when she woke up and noticed what was happening. It was to late though for the moment she finally, fully, woke up her body started to convulse in pleasure. "O-oh!" She screamed as her hands went to his back and her long nails cut into his body.

Just as she came his member began to twitch and he moved faster in a lulled passion. Her fluids made him slip in and out of her easier but she was so tight he couldn't take it any more. His seed released into her body and a great sound hissed through his throat, a finally moan from him. Pulling out of her, he rolled off and onto the side of the bed, his eyes closing.

Roxanne figured it out then. She meant nothing to him. Soft tears started to drip down her face at the pain and the realization that she meant nothing. He didn't even notice who she was. Moving off the bed, whimpering in the pain, she dressed as well as she could and ran from Hog's Head. It was still blizzarding but she would rather sleep and die in a snow bank then face that reality.

She did just that. Falling into a snow drift, Roxanne fell asleep as blood dripped from her broken Hymen. When she awoke she was in the hospital wing and she spent her day alone, crying.
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Praxis laid on the bed, their bed at their house, with her eyes closed and her arms stretched above her. She was relaxing from having spent the day around Desdemona and Ash along with the other Death Eaters. It was the last day before winter break ended and tomorrow Praxis would be returning to Hogwarts with Andrew and leaving the house for a little while, which didn't give her much time alone with him since they had just returned from Greece. At the moment he was taking a shower and she was ordered to relax for a while until they could take the night for themselves. She didn't want to listen to orders.

Slipping off the bed, Praxis started for the door that adjoined the room. Slipping into the bathroom silently, she saw his figure behind the glass and her eyes shined in the steam that filled the room. Trailing her fingers over the string of her corset and skirt, she let the leather fall from her body and into a heap on the floor. Kicking them into the corner, she let her hands move to her panties and stockings, sliding them off her soft skin as well. Tossing both into the corner, she walked toward the shower silently, a smirk on her face.

Of course Andrew could smell her but his senses were overwhelmed by her scent anyway so he didn't know just how close she was until the glass pane in of the shower slid back and she slipped in behind him. Her hands went to his back and he closed his eyes. "Your suppose to be resting..."

"And your suppose to be spending the night with me." Praxis let her hands move from his back to his chest, curving around him as she stepped into him and pressed her body against his. Her bare breasts were against his skin and she started to kiss his shoulders gently. He rolled his eyes slightly and was about to talk when he felt her. His hand went to the corner of the glass pane and he slid it closed again as he turned to her.

Neither had to talk. They had a silent agreement about what was going to happen from that point onward. As Andrew turned to her the water from the shower behind him hit her hair, making the newly formed curls fall in sensual crimped locks. Their lips crashed together soon after. Andrew's hand was on her face, tilting her head up and into the kiss, while Praxis had her hands on his shoulders, pulling her body up against his. It didn't take long for their kiss to explode with passion burning in their lips.

Andrew's other hand moved across her body, starting at her shoulder and going down across her waist and hips, right to her thighs where it started to lift one of her legs. A smirk was on her lip as she dug her nails into his skin, letting the blood slowly pool under her nails. A dark sound came from his throat as he pushed Praxis back against the cold wall, making her back arch against from the sudden change in temperature. As he lifted one of her thighs up, his hand left her face and went to the other. She gripped his shoulders tightly and pulled herself up against him until her legs were wrapped around his waist with her back to the wall.

This whole time their kiss never ended but only boiled over in passion. Praxis' moved her hips to press against his, her soft flesh shivering where his member laid against her thigh, as she arched her back into him. One of her hands trailed his neck to go into his hair as the kiss finally broke. She was breathing heavily as he kissed roughly down her neck and to her shoulder. His fangs nipped at the skin just under her vein, making her whimper softly as she pulled his hair a bit. His fangs sunk farther into her skin, sucking softly on the area as a few drops of blood came out. He wasn't trying to drink from her but to tease her, which was working. She tilted her head back, pulled his hair a little harder, and moaned softly as he marked her flesh.

The sound drove him insane as he held her thighs harder, lifting her more against him and moving her so there was no air that could get between them yet again, though the water fought to as it continued to stream against his back. The two were just adding to the steam in the room as if soon there would be nothing but the two of them and clouds of mist. Praxis, not wanting to go through his teasing torment, let her hand trail from his shoulder down his chest. He starting breathing heavily against her neck the farther down that hand went until he gasped and pressed against her harder as her nails lingered over his member. Wrapping her fingers around it, she stroked it lightly with the sides of her nails, making sure not to scratch him. A dark growling sound similar to a groan escaped Andrew as he moved his hands up her body and pulled her hands away from him, forcing them against the tiled wall. His member fell into place at the opening to her flower and the feeling of her burning core along with the proof of how she wanted him rubbing against his member sent him over the edge.

Her legs moved up, tightening against him, as he slowly entered her. A soft moan escaped her as she tried, and failed, to grab something around her. Anything. But her nails just clawed at the tile as she moved with his slow thrusts. Praxis kept her eyes open as she looked at Andrew. Her breast rose and fell quickly as her breath sped up, his following suit, and she wished he'd release her arms. He refused, wanting to take his time and make the boiling water and steam around them hot enough to burn them alive as they were consumed by their passion. When her eyes finally shut she let out a aspirating moan, her head tilting back, and breathed heavily.

Moving her hips as well as she could, and in slow persecution with his, Praxis opened her eyes again and looked at him. They were both breathing heavily before they started to kiss again, their lips molding perfectly. Finally Andrew released her arms and moved his hands to her waist, easing her hips on into his. Slowly, his thrusts went deeper into her, stretching her open and making that sensation that drove her wild shake her body to the core. Her arms wrapped around him, gripping his shoulders and digging into his flesh with her long nails. A growl escaped him, a lustful sound, before he moved his head to her neck again. Sinking his fangs into her neck, letting them go a bit deeper this time but again it wasn't over a vein.

Moaning a little louder, Praxis opened her eyes again. They were shining, the white gone and replaced with magenta again, and she arched against him as she stared into the steam. Using her hands to prop herself up against him, she forced him against the wall beside them and took over a little. She could feel a smirk on his lips at her neck as she made a low musical sound that vibrated through her throat and hit his fangs, making a soft sound come from him in tern. Moving one of her hands up against the tile behind them, the other on his neck clawing him gently, she started to grind her hips against him. Her nails scratched against the tile as she used it for support, his hands moving down from her waist to her hips and helping to hold her up. The two of them started to make dark sounds in unison, driving both Praxis to move faster against him and Andrew to hold her tighter, covering her body in small bruises.

This movement continued for a while before the two moved from the wall all together. Standing there, both equally getting burned by the boiling water of the shower head--which by now was slowly starting to turn cold from being on for so long-- and dripping wet, Andrew moved his hips against hers slightly and she kept slowly moving in a sensual and perfect fluid movement. They were kissing again, moaning into each other's mouths, but that didn't last to long. He left her lips, kissing down her neck and over her collarbone. He started to nip at the soft mounds that were her breasts, making her jump slightly and arch her back against him. She had her hand in his hair, pulling slightly, as the other clawed into his back and let him taste her flesh.

His tongue traced down until it reached her nipple. Flicking over it, he relished in the sound of her gasps and moans. Andrew captured the small bud in his mouth, sucking it in between his fangs, and nipped at it. This made Praxis' buck against him, which made them both moan at the shock to his member within her. He kept teasing the now hardening bud before moving to the other one. She started to whimper at his teasing, begging him to stop and just take her already. Andrew just smirked and continued his teasing until finally she turned the tables. Tilting her head down, not wanting to moan out from his teasing or the feeling of his member thrusting within her-which had slowly gotten faster while he was teasing- Praxis bit into his neck. Her burning lips were over his vein and her teeth were sinking into a sensitive area there. That was it for them both.

Andrew turned and pushed her into the wall again and released her breasts. Praxis left his neck and the two were breathing heavily and looking at each other for nearly a split second before their lips crashed together. Andrew started thrusting faster and faster into her, pounding her body into the wall as she tangled her hands against him. One hand messed in his hair, pulling at the roots slightly as she whimpered and moaned against his lips, the other hand was at his back, scratching down his mild flesh as she tried to hold back just how much he was pleasing her. As they both came close to their climax she couldn't hold it any more and neither could he.

Both of them let out loud, animalistic sounds as they moved hard and fast against each other. As she met her peak, Praxis moaned out in a near scream with a final gasp of his name on her lips. He groaned as he finally felt her trembling against him and slammed one final, powerful thrust against her body. The two came at the same time, their passion exploding dangerously between them. They both rode out each other's final waves until the two finally went still. Staying there, the now cold water beating against their sweating bodies, the two just smiled at each other weakly. Once they caught their breaths, which took a while, Andrew shut off the water and picked up Praxis to carry her back to the bed.

Laying down with her, rolling so she was on top of him, Andrew pushed back a few strands of her hair and playfully pouted. He still couldn't wait for her hair to get back to normal. Kissing her forehead, Andrew kept running his hands over her body. One lingered on the curve of her back, cooling the still existing scars and the moving tattoos that burned slightly. A frown crossed his lips while he thought about her past, about his-

"Andrew..." She whispered blissfully, her head on his chest and her eyes closed. A smile was on her lips and she was happy laying there with him, her thoughts undisturbed because she refused to let them be. Sure a slight falterer in her smile appeared when he touched her scars but she quickly remembered he was dead and she was safe in Andrew's arms.


"I love you." She tilted her head up and kissed his lips gently as her hand moved up his chest and her fingers trailed over his vein. Her eyes opened just slightly to look up at him as she slowly relaxed.

"I love you too, Praxis..." he said with a kiss to her forehead again. Relaxing himself, Andrew reached for her hand and pulled it to his lips. Kissing her skin softly, he realized he needed to stop worrying about his father and start taking care of her with threats that were still out there.

The two talked for a while, catching up on random things that meant nothing to someone else but to themselves it meant a lot. Being together again meant the world to them both and though things had gone quickly, skipping from anger to confusion to love, they both knew things would work out and calm down eventually. Andrew held Praxis' hand to his heart, their fingers intertwining. It was her left hand, the one he loved knowing proved she couldn't belong to anyone else and Praxis made sure everyone knew that because she never took her engagement ring off. Eventually they drifted to sleep, snuggling together happily and neither letting go of the other for fear sleep would steal them away.

[[So ...this sucks >.> Sorry to Andrew and Praxis for putting them in this fail one shot.]]
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Victoire finally began to descend the stairs, after only taking a few moments to dress herself and pull her hair back. She didn't take ages to dress like most women,. her mother never allowed it. Dominique and Victoire they could have their entire dormitories dressed and ready in a short time indeed. That didn't matter though, as Victoire waited for her dorm to empty before even pulling her things out. She'd come in early that morning, telling everyone she'd arrived late the night before.

Her eyes scanned the room discretely and she saw him. In the corner by himself she saw Ash, his eyes also roaming. However, when his found hers she cast hers away, not wanting him to get upset with her. She walked through the common room, her grace keeping her straight as she made her way slowly to and through the portrait hole.

He watched her come down. Ash saw her but looked away. Stupid Veela. He'd just spent two weeks with the girl, barely speaking with her and yet she looked happy as could be. Ash watched her leave, his eyes tracing her entire body in that dress.... oh that damned dress. So that must have been what she was working on over break. He pushed it aside, not really wanting to care about it.

Victoire gracefully stepped into the hall, the ballroom decorated so nicely. Her eyes looked everything over as her head moved around. She found her friends and family quickly and moved to sit with them, between Dominique and Scorpius. "Hello," she said to everyone. Everyone said hello back and a few of them complimented her dress. "thank you," she said to them all, crossing one leg over the other regally. As they slowly dissipated to dance, Victoire stayed where she sat. A few men came by, reaching out a hand and an offer to dance but she declined them all nicely, not up for a dance with any of them. Her mind was a clutter, thoughts of Ash, of Teddy, of her choices lately... all swimming in her head and she couldn't seem to make them stop. Her eyes just glanced to the door and he was there... oddly, he was there. And his eyes were on her. As he came to the table Victoire simply eyes him, confused. He tugged her from the table, and none too gently.

"Tell them," Ash growled in her ear, his hand gripping her arm tightly. As Fred quickly stood from the table Ash moved to hold her against him, her back flush against his chest and his arms on her waist, forcing her to stay where she was. "Tell them now," he told her in her ear, his cruel voice dripping with venom. it wasn't a request, he was demanding it of her.

Victoire did not have a chance to speak, for Fred now questioned things. "What's going on?" he asked. he noticed full well she wasn't fighting the little bastard and Fred was getting a bit upset. "Victoire," he said, demanding her attention. "Are you... you're not..." his hand rose to point to Ash and his sentence fell... twice. Oh she couldn't be...

"Yes." she said simply, her voice emotionless. She was aware that none of them would accept this but she didn't care, non in the least.

This time Dominique was the one to rise. She moved closer to them both, Ash's grip on Vicoitre's waist tightening a little. "You make me sick," she said to Ash directly. Then he eyes trailed over her cousin. "Another one... Ugh," she finished, simply walking off. She quickly remembered why she hated balls.

After a harsh word from most and silence from the others, Ash finally let Victoire go. He said nothing to them but when he left he beckoned her to follow, simply by giving her a look she wouldn't refuse. As she followed him out of there she knew she was walking out on everything she'd ever known, ever trusted. And she was going to trust him? Merlin, maybe she was stupid.
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[size=100]Hermione&Draco / Selena&Ron[/size]

Hermione came into the Great Hall, hiding a smirk perfectly well. She entered not long before another group entered as well and sat over at the Slytherin table. But not Hermione, no, she went straight for her table, though she would never admit that a part of her wanted to go with them. She sat down beside Harry Potter and across from Angelina Johnson. "How're classes going so far?" she asked Angelina. She had a bag with her of course, which she placed gently on the bench beside her.

"Fine," Angelina said, distracted. She was looking down on a stack of parchments with pictures and lines drawn. Hermione rolled her eyes to herself and pulled some ham onto her plate. "How about this one, Harry?" Angelina asked, pulling the top piece off and handing it across the table. Harry looked it over, shook his head, and set it in an apparent 'no' pile. Angelina sighed and started sifting again. "This one definitely," she said, pulling another play out of her stack. "We'll beet Slytherin with that one for sure..." However sure she was, Angelina kept her eyes on Harry as he looked it over, and held onto it.

"Yeah. Yeah, this one. Definitely this one," he said surely, shaking he parchment a little and handing it back to Angelina, who happily stored it in her 'yes' pile and continued sifting.

Hermione realized she was out of place and just rolled her eyes again and began eating her ham quietly. She seemed to be unnoticed for the most part, Harry and Angelina too lost in their plans to pay any attention. She just let her thoughts carry her away for now while she ate, but she'd never tell a soul where her thoughts ran to...

Ron Weasley, Selena Harlen, Draco Malfoy, and his cronies walked into the Great Hall just a few feet behind Hermione, though none of them openly acknowledged her. Ron's arm was draped possessively around Selena's shoulders, her around his waist loosely, and Draco walked at the front of the pack. He walked proudly, smugly as he always did, and let his eyes scan the room. His head faced front, but his eyes lingered over the Gryffindor table just for a moment. Long enough to see a bushy haired seventh year sit down beside Potty at the table for lunch. He walked briskly to his own table, a few people moving so everyone he came in with would have a seat. Crabbe and Goyle sat at either side of him, Ron directly across the table, and Selena at Ron's immediate left.

"Ready for your game?" Selena asked them all. "You're going to lose," she said to Ron in a teasing tone, her nose scrunching as she smirked playfully at him and began putting random fruits into a small bowl. She made a small salad in another bowl, adding a few vegetables that she really liked. Draco laughed lightly at her comment and just shared a grin with her from across the table.

Ron gave Draco an odd look, and his arm tightened around Selena just a little. One would have to paying close attention to have noticed, but Selena felt it. She looked at him sideways unable to help her grin turning into a smile, but she still just laughed a little and went to her salad.

"Easy, Weasley, I'm not going to take her from you," Draco drawled dully. However when Ron's eyes looked at his girlfriend, Draco's did as well and he grinned a little to himself. He was looking at Ron again by the time the boy looked back. "Besides, it's rather hard to choose someone who picks her own, now isn't it?" he asked rhetorically. At this Selena hid a smirk from Ron, and shoveled salad into her mouth.

Ron let out a sigh and pulled some roast beef onto a plate, which he pulled over and ate quickly. "I really shouldn't be sitting here... not with game day so close. They'll think I'm giving up plays or something," Ron said, a little nervous. Selena gave him a piercing smile though, and he didn't want to move anymore. "But I suppose it's not so bad..." he said giving her a wonky grin and kissing her gently. She kissed him back of course, her eyes closing for the duration of the kiss.

"If you want to go, go," Selena said lightly, opening her eyes again. "I think I'll be just fine without you. Draco will make sure, right Draco?" she said quickly, raising her voice to get Draco's attention as he was turned around and looking out amongst the hall.

"What? Oh, yeah, of course. I'll make sure," he said somewhat distractedly. Ron gave him a searching gaze before he got up and left, giving Selena's shoulder a squeeze before doing so. He walked back to his table, and sat across the table from Hermione and right beside Angelina, who quickly covered her plays.

"Sorry, Ron," she said, though she didn't uncover them. "You're not captain, and you're not going to be captain. You can't see these," she said quickly stuffing the plays into her bag. She plucked a parchment piece out of Harry's hand and stuffed it into her bag too. He made a face at her and she apologized. "I'm sorry Harry, we'll just look at these later." She got up and made her way out of the Great Hall quickly, not even giving them a second glance.

Ron gave Harry a questioning, slightly offended look, but Harry explained. "She had to go meet the twins, she was just saying so. Plus, you're not captain," he said quickly, knowing how Ron was. Ron simply shrugged his shoulders. "Well you can't really blame 'er. I wouldn't want to how plans to someone who's been hanging out with the apposing team," he tried to reason with his friend, but he should have known things would blow up from there.

"For your information, I haven't told them a thing," Ron said rather coldly, and turned his attention to Hermione. He as still surprised she was continuing her sneaking around, but he didn't really want to cause any more problems with her over it either, so he'd been a bit nicer to her as of late. He wanted Selena to enjoy having him around and lately, that meant her too. "Finish your potions homework?" he asked her.

Hermione, suddenly snapped back to reality by Ron's question, shook her head a little. "What?" said Ron in mock shock, his eyes dancing with the grin he was able to fight off. "Hermione, we were assigned that two whole days ago. It's due today!" he said as if he were scolding her. Harry of course gave her a very shocked look and she blushed a nasty shade of crimson.

"I-I've been busy... studying for our N.E.W.T.s, which are in a month. One. Month." Hermione finished with her arms crossed just under her chest, pushing her breasts up a little as she took a deep intake of breath. "Aaand, you haven't picked up a single book to study have you?" she asked him, her eyes narrowing accusingly. Ron shook his head and Harry turned back to his foo quickly. "You either? I didn't think so. Oh, if I didn't take care of you, who would? And don't you dare say Selena because you two spend more time attached in ways that are unspeakable than you do even reading the title of a book." she snapped at Ron. He wanted to say something back to her, but she stood abruptly and picked up her bad, leaving the hall.

"Whoa... you pissed 'er off good, mate," Harry informed Ron, who knew that already.

"Thanks," Ron muttered more to himself than anything. "Look, I'm not giving up plays," he said again, now that they were alone. He wasn't being so defensive this time, but he was very firm with his words. In such a way that Harry's complete attention was caught. "All I'm doing is hanging out with a great girl, and her friends. It doesn't mean I'm their friends..." Harry hesitated as if looking him over, but gave him a stiff nod. This seemed to satisfy Ron, because he loosened up and puled a few pieces of bacon over to eat. "Are we ready for the game?" he asked, trying to lighten the mood a little.

Harry pepped up a little as he did so, willing o try and talk to his best friend. "I think we'll be ready. Angelina has a few good plays up her sleeve, you'll see them in practice tomorrow," he added. Ron gave him a nervous look. "I know, I know. We have to do it though, they'll beat mot of our plays out. But there are a few that we can change up that they won't see coming," he said, finishing his food. He downed the rest of his pumpkin juice and set down his goblet. He looked up at the clock on the wall. "C'mon, we've got Care of Magical Creatures next. Don't wanna be late to Hagrid's class," he said, standing up. He grabbed his books from the table, and waited for Ron. "You walking with her?" he asked. When Ron said nothing Harry took that as a 'yes,' said his farewell and left the Hall.

When Ron left the table, Selena grinned and slapped the table in front of Draco. When he spun and looked at her she smirked playfully and said in a low, teasing tone, "You don't have to make it so obvious..."

"It's only obvious because you know," Draco said lightly, sipping his drink in a regal fashion. The next time he looked around he hall, the person he'd been looking at was gone. He was a little confused, but didn't really care, and so he just ate and drank as if he were back at home entertaining important guests.

"Come on," Selena said finally, "We've got class." She stood up, which was the only reason Draco, Crabbe, and Goyle really stood. Draco didn't care about this upcoming class any more than he cared about this school, but he knew Selena would want to walk with Ron. So, they left, Ron meeting up with them as they left the hall.

Hermione was already at Hagrid's hut, helping him with a few boxes, which were laid out in a rather large glass pen, with a matching top. She was laying the last box on the ground as the class came near.

~time skip~

Hermione and Harry walked away from the class, sighing happily. "I didn't think Acrumantula's would be so easy," she said with a bright grin. Harry laughed a little at her and draped his arm around her shoulder.

"Glad to see you in a better mood lately, Hermione," he said with a grin. Hermione just smiled at him and pulled out a few books. Her potion books.

"I have to go," she said. "I've got to make the potion still. I'll see you in class," she said as she slipped from under his arm and jogged off. He waved goodbye and walked to the lake to laze around until Potions.

Draco left class with Selena and Ron. "Still have to make your potion?" Ron asked him. When Draco gave a nod, Ron grinned a little. "Well, your potion brewer just went that way," Ron said, pointing in the direction of the shrieking shack. "She likes to brew in there for some reason," he told him casually. Draco kept walking with them for now, but once they neared the castle he left them.

"Got to go get me a potion for class," he said with a wicked smirk as he turned and made his way to the shrieking shack.

[[ooc:I'll post the next part another time.]]
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The Creation of a New Type of Darkness
The story of Desdemona

He gathered an array of different materials for the puzzle he himself had finally perfected. The hide of a four dragons, cut and sewn together into the form of a small creature. The jaw structure was taken from a vampire, the hands from a werewolf, eyes from a basilisk, hallow bones from a harpy, and the skull of a shinigami. He stood over a carved stone casket with these items. Each half of the casket was filled to the brink with blood. His own, and that of his enemy, Harry Potter. Knowing he would never truly win, Lord Voldemort planned to make himself the most powerful of weapons; a spawn of himself.

After carefully placing everything in the mold of a body perfectly, he had wormtail push the casket closed and watched as the stone sealed itself magically. He watched as the carvings and words in the stone lit up and every crack that could have been seen as an opening disappeared. His long, bony fingers stretched out as he held his hand open for something Wormtail was searching for in a large black bag.

"Hurry!" he hissed as he watched the light begin to dim. Wormtail quickly rushed over and handed him the jems he requested. A ruby, "Gryffindor," a sapphire, "Ravenclaw," a topaz, "Hufflepuff," and finally an emerald. "Slytherin!" He placed each of the stones over the body in different places. The sapphire was put over the head that was carved into the stone. The emerald was put over the mouth and the ruby put over the chest. Finally the topaz went over the stomach. At last he took a large diamond and put it a bit below the topaz, near the juncture of the legs. The moment it was placed all the gems began to glow and the light enveloping from the stones turned into a dangerous white until it concentrated from the diamond. Voldemort began to laugh in triumph.

"You will take this to Malfoy, or I will feed you to my new pet!" Wormtail, jumping slightly, nodded quickly before finally doing his best to lift the casket. He nearly dropped it and was hit by the current Dark Lord. Quickly he used his wand to make it float and did his best to appeariate with it to the Malfoy Manor. Having been forewarned that Wormtail was coming from the graveyard, Lucius Malfoy was waiting when he appeared. Silently, the two quickly brought the casket down into the dungeon's under the house. Neither spoke of it as they left the coffin alone.

The light never dissipated from the coffin's diamond eye. If anything it grew stronger until it cut through the Malfoy's home and straight into the sky. After about a month of just leaving it unattended Voldemort went to the Malfoy Manor to have a meeting with his Death Eaters. He visited the coffin and even spoke to the thing inside as he caressed the stone. This was his master piece. He could barely hold his anticipation. It wouldn't be until eight months later, while interrogating Olivander, that Lord Voldemort would find himself opening the casket.

What told them that it was time was simply the light coming from the diamond. It disappeared. Lining the coffin in blood, and bone, Lord Voldemort had his followers open the stone. They pried it open until a boiling steam of blood and flesh filed out. When it cleared they all saw a curled up body of a youth. What they did not expect was, when turned over, the body was of a female. All thought a male would have come from the casket but fate had other designs. In disgust, Voldemort left the girl in Malfoy's hands.

"Master, what is it's name." In anger, Lord Voldemort turned to his minion and sneered.

"Call it Merope. It deserves no other title." With that he left. The girl, Merope, was left to be beaten, starved, abused, sexually assaulted, among other things. Voldemort was so disgusted that his plan had been foiled by it being born female that he told the Death eaters they could blatantly use her for their own sins and pleasures. It was not until the girl, who didn't speak for the first year of her life (at the time she looked about ten), drastically took things into her own hands that she was noticed by Lord Voldemort. One day two of the Death Eaters, after murdering a group of young witches and muggles, went into the dungeons to relieve some stress. One held her down while the other went on to have his way with her, until her hands pressed down against the stone floor. Her eyes lit up, her mouth shone, and the stones that were still on the casket began to float up. After twirling over and over again, the power of their light moved into the diamond and sliced right through both men.

When she was checked on later it was simple to see that not only was she covered in blood, but the bodies were barely left. Bones and a few bits of their innards remained. The rest was gone. Voldemort came to see what had happened and was pleased to the point he began paying attention to her. He taught her magic, how to speak, how to act and to manipulate people. Those who used her to please themselves began to fear her, and more than one of them died.

"You are no longer Merope." Voldemort said to her as she sat before him. It was just a month before his final battle would come. "You man now choose a title worthy of a worthy creature." She gave him no reply until a month later. As he fought Harry Potter she was there, watching in the shadows. When he was about to die Voldemort called to her, knowing she could save him. She slipped to him in the shadows, using the vampiric abilities she had thanks to her creation, and spoke for the first time.

"I am your creation. I am your destruction. I am Desdemona." She killed him seconds before disappearing, at which point Harry Potter appeared and sent what he thought was the final blow. As the commotion over Voldemort's death confided, she slipped out and disappeared. It was not until she began as a student in Hogwarts that she was seen again.
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Character Stories
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